IDAIA constitutes a reliable partner for overseas galleries and dealers willing to access ethical and quality Australian Indigenous art, thanks to its sector expertise, network of key relationships, geographical proximity and export experience.





Organising on-demand, customised Aboriginal art exhibition projects by providing a wide range of possible support:

  • orientation and guidance,
  • artworks sourcing among the rich diversity of regional styles and artists status,
  • quality assurance,
  • export and transport logistic operations,
  • curatorial participation.





Advising and sourcing Aboriginal artworks for all stages of dealer’s development: from stock inaugural formation to one-off or regular stock complement, and from accessible quality to investment and museum-quality standards.





Providing the fundamentals to best appreciate and sale Aboriginal art:

  • an educational methodology with orientation tools
  • advice for commercialising/marketing
  • assist with potential public and client education programs,
  • information sources from IDAIA’s vast catalogue of references.





are used to to ensure authenticity and highest quality, fairness for both artists and buyers, and Aboriginal art’s sustainability by sourcing artworks only from the official Aboriginal art structures and applying transparent professional pricing model based on Aboriginal art structures’ pricing framework.

  • A 360° ACCESS

offered to the complete range of artworks options in terms of regional styles and artist status – sourcing works among all the traditional Aboriginal art centres or equivalent organisations, and urban-based artists spread across Australia.


guided by a personalised approach, concrete tools and online portfolios :

  • achieving ethical quality shows at the minimum cost
  •  finding the best value-for-money artworks adapted to the dealer’s clientele
  • allowing the dealer to offer competitive prices consistent with the Aboriginal art structures pricing framework




By transposing their ancient culture into a contemporary artistic vocabulary Australian Indigenous artists have both preserved their traditions and rendered them accessible to today’s audiences […] they have created one of the most important art movements of recent times.

Stéphane Martin, director, Musée du quai Branly, Paris


IDAIA’s approach enables to identify and reflect on relevant’s questions about one’s expectations. While it can be very difficult to articulate what one is looking for, IDAIA’s selection tools greatly assist in clarifying and making decisions.

Emmanuelle Leroux, Switzerland/Australia