Street mural ‘Melbourne: Two Worlds’

In 2011 the Laneway Commissions celebrated the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists of Melbourne. Today one of the commissioned public art works, Melbourne: Two Worlds, can still be seen on the pedestrian laneway adjacent to 82 Collins Street in Melbourne. Four Wurundjeri community artists collaborated on this project (Judy Nicholson, James MacFayden, Ashley Firebrace-Kerr and Derek Smith) that consists in a mural depicting the stories and culture of the Wurundjeri community as well as Aboriginal peoples’ connection with their ancestral past within a contemporary Melbourne context.

‘Victoria Souliman chose this artwork for its educational aspect  as it establishes the link between the ancestral and the contemporary histories of Melbourne. Also she is appreciative of the fact that this artwork is on a public wall in a pedestrian street, which she thinks is particularly interesting.’