In early September 2018 Milingimbi artists Helen Ganalmirriwuy and Ruth Nalmakarra will travel to Europe at the invitation of the Museum der Kulturen, Basel. In Europe the artists will work with museum staff, exhibit their artwork and deliver public workshops and presentations.

On the 13th of September the artists will attend the preview of a combined exhibition with Maningrida Arts at ArtKelch, Freiburg, Germany. Maningrida Arts are also part of the Ngaldjorlhbo exhibition in Paris.

Ganalmirriwuy and Nalmakarra’s process of dyeing and making artworks from plant fibres, roots and leaves harvested by hand from Yurrwi and the surrounding Crocodile Islands will be explored and compared with natural dye processes of Paris-based artisan Aurélia Wolff. During this event pâtissier chef Jennifer Hart-Smith of Tookies, Gambetta will also share her passion for working with natural ingredients. Participants will have an opportunity to try foods prepared by Jennifer using native Australian ingredients.

For more information about their visit, please click here.

Source: Milingimbi Arts and Culture