Image courtesy of Museum der Kulturen.

In early September 2018 Milingimbi artists Helen Ganalmirriwuy and Ruth Nalmakarra will travel to Europe at the invitation of the Museum der Kulturen, Basel. In Europe the artists will work with museum staff, exhibit their artwork and deliver public workshops and presentations.

On the 13th of September the artists will attend the preview of a combined exhibition with Maningrida Arts at ArtKelch, Freiburg, Germany. Maningrida Arts are also part of the Ngaldjorlhbo exhibition in Paris.

Ganalmirriwuy and Nalmakarra will reflect on their fibre practice as part of a continuum between past and present during a public workshop at Museum der Kulturen on Saturday the 8th of September. The workshop will be opened with the viewing of a short documentary, narrated by Ganalmirriwuy and with Manikay (song) by Wilson Manydjarri. This film shares the processes of harvesting, dying and weaving as well as provides an insight into weaving in the Yolngu realm of songline, totem and sacred object.

During this workshop the artist’s will share their skills as master fibre workers as well as their knowledge of natural fibres and dyes. Participants will have the opportunity to work with Gunga (pandanus) and Balgurr (kurrajong) fibres that have been harvested, prepared and dyed by the artists. The workshop will also include a presentation by Dr Beatrice Voirol about specific fibre pieces held in the Museum der Kulturen’s collection.

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Source: Milingimbi Arts and Culture