View of exhibition's poster (detail) © Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

View of exhibition’s poster (detail) © Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Running from 24 March to 30 September 2016 at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, exhibition Taba Naba – Australia, Oceania, Arts by Peoples of the Sea, offers the following program of opening festivities on 23 March 2016:

3 pm |   Taba Naba Dance
with artist Ken Thaiday

3.10 pm | Opening address (FR)
Patrick Piguet, Director of Heritage of the Oceanographic Institute and General Curator of exhibition Taba Naba

3.20 pm |Presentation of the partnership with the Confluences Museum (FR)
Hélène Lafont-Couturier, Director of the Musée des Confluences and General Associate Curator of exhibition Taba Naba

3.40 pm | Dances
Artist Alick Tipoti’s dance group

4 pm | Introduction to section Australia: Defending the Oceans at the Heart of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Arts (FR)
Stéphane Jacob, Curator

4.15 pm | Presentation of installation “Bagu” (EN)
Valerie Keenan, Director, Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre

4.20 pm | Presentation of installation “Malu Githalal” (EN)
Brian Robinson, Artist

4.25 pm | Presentation of artworks “Dugong” and “Sowlal” (EN)
Alick Tipoti, Artist

4.30 pm | Presentation of installations “Ghost Nets” (EN)
Lynnette Griffiths, Artist and Creative Director, Erub Arts

4.35 pm |  Presentation of installation “Dhari” (EN)
Ken Thaiday, Artist

4.40 pm | Introduction to section Living Waters (EN)
Dr. Erica Izett, Researcher, University of Western Australia, and Main Curator of Living Waters

4.45 pm | Presentation of the Living Waters catalogue (EN)
Prof. Ian McLean, University of Wollongong, Associate Catalogue Editor of Living Waters

5 pm | Presentation of the Australian National Maritime Museum collections (EN)
Donna Carstens, Manager of Indigenous Programs, Australian National Maritime Museum, Co-curator of Living Waters

5.15 pm | Highlights from the oeuvre of selected artists from the Living Water exhibition (FR) – including works by Christian Thompson, Judy Watson, Michael Cook, Emily Kngwarreye, Paddy Bedford, Paddy Sims, Barrayuwa Munungurr, Ruark Lewis, and Imants Tiller
Dr. Georges Petitjean, Curator of Aboriginal Art Museum in Utrecht,  Co-curator of Living Waters

5.30 pm |  Introduction to section Oceania : past masters in sea navigatation and artistic expression (FR)
Didier Zanette, Curator


Simultaneous French/English translation available.


SOURCE: Oceanographic Museum of Monaco