Artists Deborah Wurrkidj, Janet Marawarr and Jennifer Wurrkidj © Babbarra Women's Centre

Artists Deborah Wurrkidj, Janet Marawarr and Jennifer Wurrkidj © Babbarra Women’s Centre

Indigenous women’s textiles headed for world stage with Paris exhibition

By Jesse Thompson – ABC Radio Darwin – 15/05/2018

ABC Radio Darwin has published an article on Bábbarra Women’s Centre, covering their involvement in IDAIA’s upcoming exhibition in Paris Ngaldjorlhbo | Mother of Everything | Mère de Toute Création.

Author Jesse Thompson writes: “From West Arnhem Land to the streets of Paris, a collection of works from a remote art centre is completing a cross-cultural journey like no other.”

ABC Radio Darwin interviewed Bábbarra Women’s Art Centre artist, Janet Marawarr, and manager of the centre, Ingrid Johanson.

Interviewed by Liz Trevaskis, Johanson says: “The exhibition is a joint exhibition between the Maningrida Arts and Culture Centre and the Women’s Centre and it celebrates women’s work across mediums — including textile design, painting of hollow logs, painting on bark and some etching.”

“I think the women are feeling really proud to think their designs from Arnhem Land are going to go to the other side of the world to be showcased in a really beautiful part of Paris.”

Ingrid Johanson, Manager – Bábbarra Women’s Centre


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