IDAIA works with and promotes Aboriginal art centres, equivalent organisations acting as art centres and city-based artists to grow a successful and sustainable international market for Australian Indigenous art.



IDAIA identifies and develops opportunities to present high-quality shows with reputable overseas contemporary art galleries and institutions, from solo and community shows to thematic exhibitions.



IDAIA contributes to placing artworks and covering a wide range of international contexts:

  • museum collections, individual and corporate collections, commercial galleries stock
  • from accessible quality to investment and museum-quality standards
  • bringing groups of international collectors to art centres as part of regular and on-demand client education tours


We also provide advice and information to art centres and artists for them to better appreciate the international market potential:

  • presence and development of overseas Aboriginal art collections and exhibitions
  • recommend distribution channels
  • constantly educating all parts involved in the Aboriginal art trade (including dealers and dealers clients) about the sector’s best practices.




IDAIA guarantees ethical practices to ensure Australian Indigenous sustainability by working only with the official, ethical Aboriginal art structures and overseas dealers willing to present ethically sourced artwork of the highest quality, and also by facilitating consistency with the Australian sales prices based on the Aboriginal art centres retail price system.

  • A 360° ACCESS

is proposed for all art centres and artists to art professional and collectors across the world to Aboriginal art markets growing and emerging across continents, and to widely diverse interests in terms of forms and media.


Our goal is to best serve the art centres’ development and artists careers, based on IDAIA’s constant art market watch and Aboriginal art export expertise, the international art scene calendar and proactive, personalised relationships.