institutional exhibitions

Image: Artist Regina Pilawuk Wilson. Photo by Cassie De Colling.

Ngerringkrrety: One Voice, Many Stories

25 May 2018 to 27 Jul 2018

Second Street Gallery


Ngunguni: Old Techniques Remain Strong

24 May 2018 to 9 Sep 2018

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection

Artwork by Aboriginal artist Lisa Uhl entitled Karrkapi, 2017

Beyond Dreamings: The Rise of Indigenous Australian Art in the United States

20 Apr 2018 to 7 Jul 2019

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection (USA)

Painting by Tiger Palpatja representing the Water Snakes Dreaming, 2005

Country of the Dreaming

1 Dec 2017 to 20 May 2018

Pierre Arnaud Foundation, Lens (CHE)

paddy-jupurrurla-nelson-paddy-japaljarri-sims-kwentwentjayn-jungurrayi-spencer-yanjilypiri-jukurrpa copy

Indigenous Australia: Masterworks from the National Gallery of Australia

17 Nov 2017 to 2 Apr 2018

me Collectors Room, Berlin (DEU)

Affiche l’Effet-boomerang © MEG - Design Saentys & Brook Andrew - Photo J.Watts

The Boomerang Effect – L’effet boomerang

19 May 2017 to 7 Jan 2018

Musée d'Ethnographie de Genève, Geneva (CHE)

Netta Loogatha

Tracking Memories. Memory of country

22 Jan 2017 to 15 Jun 2017

Museum of contemporary Aboriginal art (AAMU), Utrecht (NLD)

Martulimi Artists, Martumili Ngurra, 2009, acrylic on linen, 509 x 320 cm. Courtesy National Museum of Australia, Canberra, Australia

One Road: Aboriginal Art from Australia’s Deserts

9 Jun 2016 to 31 May 2017

Osaka, Kawaga, Chiba, Tokyo, Hokkaido (JPN)


Marking the Infinite: Contemporary Women Artists from Aboriginal Australia

7 Sep 2016 to 24 Feb 2019

New Orleans - Miami - Scottsdale - Reno - Washington - Vancouver (USA)

taba naba


24 Mar 2016 to 30 Sep 2016

Oceanographic Museum, Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

Emily Kam Kngwarray - Anwerlarr angerr (Big yam), 1996 - 245 cm x 401 cm - Synthetic polymer paint on canvas @ The Artist @ Image courtesy National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Everywhen: The Eternal Present in Indigenous Art from Australia

5 Feb 2016 to 18 Sep 2016

Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge (USA)

View of Lignes de vie @ Musées de la civilisation, Photographe - Jessy Bernier - Icône

Lifelines – Indigenous Contemporary Art from Australia

21 Oct 2015 to 5 Sep 2016

Musée de la civilisation, Québec (CA)

Martha MacDonald Napaltjarri at Papunya, 2015 - Photo Helen Puckey

Streets of Papunya: the re-invention of Papunya painting

5 Sep 2015 to 21 Aug 2016

Sydney - Adelaide - Melbourne - Canberra (AU)

WonderLAND_Rhonda Unrupa Dick Image v3

We are in Wonder LAND: New Experimental Art from Central Australia

15 May 2015 to 15 Aug 2015

UNSW Art & Design, Sydney (AU)

Yarrkalpa - Hunting Ground, Parnngurr Area, 2014 – Image courtesy Martumili Artists © The Artists

Martu Art from The Far Western Desert

23 Sep 2014 to 30 Nov 2014

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (AU)

Queenie McKenzie, Hills at Argument Gap, 1996

Country to Coast: Colours of the Kimberley.

11 Jan 2014 to 4 Oct 2014

AAMU, Museum of contemporary Aboriginal art Oudegracht 176 3511 NP Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Image: Nici Cumpston, Leopard Tree II, 2011, Image courtesy the artist.

Landscape as Proof of having-been-there

17 Jan 2014 to 18 May 2014

Kluge-Ruhe: Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA

Image: Yirawala, Totemic Crocodile, 1965, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Art collection, National Museum of Australia. © the artist or the artist’s estate, licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency 2013

Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists

6 Dec 2013 to 20 Jul 2014

National Museum of Australia, Canberra (AU)

Left to right: Mowarra Ganambarr Dätiwuy Thunderman and shark site at Arnhem Bay 1947, lumber crayon and chalk on butchers paper; Nänyin’ Maymuru Djarrakpi 1947, lumber crayon on butchers paper; Mundukul Marawili Fish trap at Baraltja 1947, lumber crayon on butchers paper.

Yirrkala drawings, at the Art Gallery of NSW

12 Dec 2013 to 23 Feb 2013

Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney (AU)