The latest aircraft in Qantas’ Indigenous Flying Art series has touched down in Sydney, showing its new Aboriginal inspired livery design.


The latest aircraft in the Qantas Indigenous Flying Art Series has touched down in Sydney with traditional Aboriginal artwork paying homage to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture – the oldest continuing culture on Earth.

The brand new, multi-billion dollar 737-800, dubbed ‘Mendoowoorrji’, was inspired by the 2005 artwork ‘Medicine Pocket’ by the late artist and founder of the Warmun art movement, Paddy Bedford, aka Goowoomji.

The aircraft was aptly named after Paddy’s mother’s country in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia and captures the beautiful landscape’s essence.

This is the fourth aircraft in the Qantas Flying Art Series and marks yet another successful collaboration spanning two decades between Qantas and Australia’s leading Indigenous art, strategy and communications company, Balarinji. 

You can follow the plane here . . .