Jennifer Wurrkidj was born in 1973 at Maningrida in north-central Arnhem Land. Her language is Kuninjku and her moiety is Duwa.
Jennifer is a highly regarded artist who works across multiple mediums. Her works often feature bush foods and food-collecting and also reference the activities of ancestor beings and the ceremonial sites of her homeland, Mumeka.

Jennifer is a daughter of Australia’s most highly acclaimed bark painter, John Mawurndjul, and she is renowned, in her own right, for her bark paintings, hollow logs and carved sculptures. Jennifer’s artwork has been exhibited throughout Australia and her textile art is in the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Jennifer is part of the art centres Maningrida Arts & Culture and Bábbarra Women’s Centre.




Selected Exhibitions

2019 – IDAIA x Babbarra Women’s Centre, Paris, France
2018 – Ngaldjorlhbo | Mother of Everything | Mère de Toute Création – IDAIA, Paris, France
2018 – Karrang Kunred / Mother-Land – The Crossart Projects, Sydney, NSW
2017 – Karridjowkke Kunronj (Crossing Streams) – Nomad Art, Darwin, NT
2009 – Indigenat WA – Survey from Maningrida Arts & Culture, The Mossenson Gallery, Perth, WA
2004 – Hogarth galleries – Bark paintings, carvings and fibre works from Maningrida, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney, NSW
2004 – Divas of the desert – Divas of the desert: Maningrida, Minymaku, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs, NT
2004 – Maningrida recent works – Maningrida recent works, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne, VIC
2003 – Threads of time – Threads of time, Burrinja gallery, Upwey, VIC



Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, SA